2017 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser

2017 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser the Fastest SUV in the World

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Deceptively normal-looking land cruiser Toyota made, intending for the next year to land the market, is actually the world’s fastest secure utility vehicle with 2,200 horse powers and maximum speed of 220 mph. The Japanese made a serious on and off road monster this time, and it can race with Ferrari or Lambo or any other track car.

Price: Still not established. Land Cruiser is the most expensive model from this brand with trifle base price of $84,820. Having in mind all the innovations with this car, and all the hype it made- even higher base price is something to expect.

2017 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Exterior

Interior of Toyota Land Speed Cruiser

2017 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser car is all about luxury. So is the interior. Upgraded equipment package, once an extra-cost option, is now standard, a move that increased the Land Speed Cruiser’s price.

Interior of Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Interior

The package includes almost everything a luxury-focused buyer could want: a voice-activated DVD navigation system with an integrated backup camera, a six-disc CD changer, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system with a 9-inch display and two wireless headphones, multi-state second-row heated seats, a center console cooler box and headlamp cleaners.

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Eventhough it looks like ordinary Land Cruise, the design was the hardest part of the construction, because the engineers had to cut the body off a Land Cruiser, modify everything from frame, to suspension and finally engine, and put it together again.

2017 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Exterior

For most of the SUVs, aerodynamics is an issue but not for this one. The car body is lowered so that less air goes underneath the vehicle, and the underside is smoothened out which can keep the turbulences down to a minimum. Except from less drag and higher top speeds, this provided more stability for the vehicle at those high speeds.

Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Engine

Everything is changed. Heavy modifications were made on the eight cylinder, 5.7 liter V8 stock engine that came with the previous Land Cruiser model.

2017 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Engine

For Land Cruiser to achieve 2,200 hp, engineers installed a pair of “volleyball-sized” turbos and additional holes in the air bumper aiming to produce more power for the vehicle.

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These caused problems for other components, so almost every single facet of the vehicle had to be modified or removed in order to make perfect adjustment.

2017 Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Video

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