2017 Toyota Avalon

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This year’s Chicago Auto Show gave us the first glimpse of the latest 2017 Toyota Avalon model. It is a brand which managed to be the third-best selling full-size sedan in 2014- success that was largely made possible with the update the car received in 2013. The revolutionary changes brought then were something that managed to launch the Avalon to stardom and in fact, brought to the car receiving much acclaim from the audience.

2017 Toyota Avalon Price

The base price for the car is $32,285.

2017 Toyota Avalon

Release date

The Chicago Auto show was the first showcase of the 2017 Toyota Avalon, and it is expected for the model to get into mass production later this year.

Exterior of Toyota Avalon

2017 Toyota Avalon has some exterior changes made to the front and rear fascia parts. The grille is still the same shape like the previous model but positioned lower and a bit wider. It also features a narrower upper grille and redesigned turning signals. Backwards, now LED taillights are much more refined and there are some chrome accents added to the rear bumper part.

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2017 toyota avalon

Besides the common changes that affect the whole series, there are some individual changes that are made depending on the trim of the Avalon. For example, the Touring model adds the use of some 18-inch, dark-grey-painted wheels, LED daytime running lights and LED headlights which manage to put the sporty nature of the car into perspective..


The model is keeping to its class leading feature package, balanced and elegant cabin. What is new to this model, which we also get across the trims, is a light grey interior color which also comes with grey stitching accents.

2017 Toyota Avalon Interior

It looks very much premium and pleasant, keeping the upper-end demeanor of the car as much as possible. Of course, there are going to be some differences based on the trim level of the car. Everything else is almost identical to the model that we had a year ago. The interior changes are perhaps greater than the outside ones but still only use as a way of keeping the car afloat.

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2017 Toyota Avalon Video

Toyota Avalon Engine

The changes of the powertrain of the 2017 Toyota Avalon are not going to happen. The model is going to keep to its old engine and is going to keep it for at least another year long. We are of course talking about a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that makes 268 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque.

2017 toyota avalon

It is perhaps not a powerhouse but it is still an engine that brings us an appropriate output and it is an adequate choice for this car. The gearbox choice is a six-speed, paddle-shift transmission which places the EPA ratings at 21 mpg city and 31 mpg highway.

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