2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Price

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Back in 2013 Ferrari managed to shook the World with the LaFerrari, the best car they ever made. Considering its name, you would think that a successor would be hard to release. However, a few months ago they said that a 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider would be released.

This has been further confirmed a few weeks ago with the note that the car won’t be the Spider. Instead Ferrari is going to use the Aperta name. This has only been used on two previous models which have both been made in very limited numbers. It seems that this is going to be the case with the future Aperta as well.

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Like with most other convertibles, the LaFerrari Spider will likely be heavier and slightly slower than its coupe counterpart. However, because this is a hyper-car, it will still be among the fastest cars ever made.

The carbon fiber monocoque will remain unchanged from the coupe while its interior will be the same as well. However, the suspension system is expected to be re-tuned, there should be more customizing options while its wheels should also be all new.

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2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Release date and Price

The actual availability of the car is still unknown. However, Ferrari’s CEO did say that customers are being approached. This means that the 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider sales will be invitation only. While unofficial for now, the price will be more than $3,5 million which is more than double of what the LaFerrari cost.

This rather large increase in price doesn’t mean a faster car. Instead, it means a more exclusive model which is expected to be made in around 200 units at most. This means that it will become a valuable investment that many people are going to take advantage of.

For those wanting to drive it, the LaFerrari Spider will definitely deliver. Just like the coupe version, it will feature a naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V12 which will provide, all by itself, more than 700 horsepower.

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

As an addition, an electric motor, powered by a KERS regenerating system, will bump that to 949 horsepower and over 600 lb-ft of torque. The end result will be a convertible which will hit 60 MPH in well under 6 seconds. Also, while not official at this point, its top speed, with the roof down, is expected to be well over 200 MPH as well.

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We still don’t know for sure if a hard-top is going to be used. However, considering the Aperta monicker this is a possibility. This would most likely be stored behind the seats and under a carbon fiber cover.

Like with all the other Aperta models, the 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider is expected to feature at least a special edition model. Many think that the car showcased by Ferrari will be sold in a couple of units. This is a black unit with red pinstripes which span from its nose all the way to the back of the engine cover.

The end result is dramatic and it makes for one of the most beautiful cars ever made by anyone. The wheels on the car revealed by them are new as well and it seems that the production models are not going to be all that different.

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Changes for LaFerrari Spider

One of the least interesting upgrades will be inside the cabin. Here, the Spider is only expected to receive an updated infotainment system. Besides that the car will be pretty much identical to the regular coupe.

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However, it will still offer one of the best driving experiences out there and that’s all it matters in this class. Unlike the coupe though, the Spider should come with more interior options. Some suggested that new seats might be offered while new upholstery options should be available as well.

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Video

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