2017 Acura TSX

2017 Acura TSX Concept

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2017 Acura TSX Concept5 250x166
2017 Acura TSX Concept 250x166
2017 Acura TSX Concept3 250x166
2017 Acura TSX Concept2 250x166

The TSX has been sold for a little over 10 years as a more upmarket version of the Accord. Back in 2014 Acura decided to discontinue the car and its close sibling, the TL, in order to replace them with the TLX. This grew bigger and it offered more features but it also became more expensive. On top of that, its sporty character has been completely lost in the process. Because of that, rumors started to appear about a new car, the 2017 Acura TSX Concept. So far this is nothing more than just a rumor but it seems that Honda is preparing a new car with a new Prelude.

A return to its roots

While the original TSX was available as a wagon or sedan, the new one would only be sold as a coupe. On top of that, it would be one of Acura’s first cars to use an entirely new platform.

Both the TSX and the Prelude would be based on an elongated version of the chassis found in the S2000. This means that it would be rear wheel drive which would be a first for Acura.

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2017 Acura TSX Concept

So far not much else is known about its chassis but if this turns out to be true, expect a lightweight and quite powerful TSX.

Its price would most likely be set at over $40,000 where competitors like the 4 Series or the A5 reside.

2017 Acura TSX Design

In order to be successful, the 2017 Acura TSX Concept will have to look good. Well, the early rumors are promising. It seems that Acura will turn to the NSX and base the design of the cheaper TSX on it.

The front end is expected to receive the same type of grille and headlights which would make it quite dramatic to look at.

Its profile is expected to be that of a true rear wheel drive car with a long hood and short rear end.

Here people expect Acura to give the TSX a few unique features over its Honda sibling such as a completely different rear end with an active spoiler.

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Inside the cabin

Then again, the TSX is expected to be a step above the competition. The car will most likely come on the market with an entirely new design scheme which will be used on all the future models of the brand.

We expect a minimalistic yet feature rich interior with most of the controls being either touch-based or even gesture-based.

2017 Acura TSX Concept3

Also, because this will be a two door model, it will only provide room for up to four people so it will have less space than the similarly priced TLX.

The good part will be the fact that the TSX will likely provide a much better driving position as well as likely a better equipment level.

Under the hood

So far it seems that the 2017 Acura TSX Concept will be showcased with just a single engine choice. This would be a 2 liter turbocharged VTEC inline 4 good for up to 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque.

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However, this doesn’t mean that the car will only get a single engine. Instead, it seems that a future production model would also receive a 1.5 liter turbocharged inline 4 with as much as 200 horsepower.

2017 Acura TSX Concept2

In any case, a six speed manual transmission is actually expected to come as standard. The more powerful version would receive things such as a limited slip differential and all wheel steering.

This would bring back the sporty Acura brand everyone loved and it would give people a lot more choices. An automatic version of the car is also expected while an all wheel drive version might be offered at a later date.

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2017 Acura TSX Concept5 250x166
2017 Acura TSX Concept 250x166
2017 Acura TSX Concept3 250x166
2017 Acura TSX Concept2 250x166

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