2016 VW Touran interior, exterior and price

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This utterly cute, the 2016 VW Touran, originally, hit the global car markets twelve years ago. Since then, this stunning car hasn’t suffered any changes at all, until the 2010, when VW Touran got, a minor, facelift. Being that old model didn’t have any impact on its sale.

Nowadays, it’s become crystal clear, that if the officials from this German car maker wish that their beloved, highly praised and respected among the all Americans, to stay ahead in today’s very fierce car competitions, they have to make some changes.

2016 VW Touran 1

2016 VW Touran Front-Side

So, the VW has officially announced that for the next year they are planning to launch newly made variant, which is going to come along with improved general features, extended motor range options, lighter and with a bolder and masculine general appearance.

2016 VW Touran Interior, Exterior and Appearance

In order to stay, in a way, fateful to its original roots, it is intended that this brand new variant retain, a bit, boxier shape. Everything else, regarding the exterior, is going to change. The VW’s designers create totally new, utterly fresh, somehow, sleeker sportier look due to more angular lines.

2016 VW Touran 5

2016 VW Touran Interior

They even include the large tailgate and fully been redesigned elements, like: front grille, the bumper and headlights. But, the designers had in their minds also the following fact: if they strive to retain the Touran’s loyal buyers they ought to retain its trademarks. 2016 VW Touran is planned to be built on a newly made MBQ platform, which is intended only for a bit lighter vehicles.

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When it comes to certain changes, which have happened in the interior area, the most notable are the main cabin, quite unexpected spaciousness combined with a much more stretched wheelbase. This main cabin’s spaciousness has as the direct result much more room for all of the body parts, for both-the driver, as well as the passengers. This fact is particularly important, when we have in our minds that the lack of space, the owners have been standing out as the main disadvantage of all Touran’s predecessors.

Engine of  VW Touran

When it comes to this particular section the newly Volkswagen Touran is expected to come along featured in a very wide range of the most various petrol/diesel motor option. We will start from the petrol range.

The first will be a 1.2l TSI petrol engine, which is considered to be more than capable of generating 108 hp. The second one, the most likely, should be a 1.4l TSI, which will be able to produce around 148 hp. And the last, but not the least powerful is going to be another turbocharged engine that will be capable just enough to pump up approximate about 178 hp.

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2016 VW Touran 4

When it comes to the diesel options, those will include two 2.0-liter TDI diesel engines, they are both considered to be able to generate around a 148 hp and a 187 hp. While, the third diesel option is intended to be a 1.6-liter turbo diesel unit that will be powerful just enough to develop the strength of about a 108 hp. Regarding the transmission options, which is planned to be available for these petrol/diesel motor options- include a 7-speed dual-clutch and an optional automatic transmission.

2016 VW Touran Release Date and Prices

2016 VW Touran has, already, hit the markets at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, however its global sale is planned to start this November. Although, the exact pricing is still well kept secret, according the latest rumors, it should be in the range from $20,000 to $30,500.

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