2016 Tata Hexa Design and Price

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At the last Geneva Auto Show, Tata, the Indian manufacturer has introduced a brand new addition to their lineup – the 2016 Tata Hexa. The company is globally known as a car manufacturer that produces cheap and affordable cars with reasonable quality. Tata is especially popular in South Asian market. Their new addition is a six seat SUV, that is aimed primarily at the South Asian market, but the company said that they might launch it in a very demanding market – Australia.

2016 Tata Hexa Exterior

While the 2016 Tata Hexa is a new car, it is built on a chassis that is already used on other vehicle that Tata produces – the Tata Xenon. The interesting thing is that the company decided to use a chassis of a pickup for their SUV – which means that the 2016 Tata Hexa is going to be a very big SUV.

2016 Tata Hexa Design an Price3

2016 Tata Hexa Front

Unlike many other Tata cars, the Hexa looks really good. The SUV has the aggressive styling, very popular at the moment and some experts pointed out that the car looks a lot like the current Kia Sportage. The front of the SUV has really good design features – for example, headlights are perfectly blended in the black mesh grille, accented with nice “U” line.

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Tata Hexa Interior

The model that was displayed in the Geneva Auto Show was probably the most expensive of all. Something that lots of people noticed is the quality of the materials used, which is really solid, especially when you take a look at the price of models produced by Tata.

2016 Tata Hexa Design an Price5

2016 Tata Hexa Interior

When it comes to the design of the interior, it is really nice and simple, the displayed model had a two tone interior – black and white and it looked like it was an interior from a much expensive SUV.

Engine of Tata Hexa 2016

The Indian manufacturer has given only a few details about the engine that is going to be offered with the 2016 Tata Hexa – they said that 2.2l Turbo Diesel engine that produces around 150 horsepower and 290 lb-ft of torque will surely be offered, but didn’t say anything about other engines that could be offered with the 2016 Tata Hexa. Furthermore, they said that the car will be offered with six speed manual or automatic transmission and either front wheel drive or all wheel drive.

2016 Tata Hexa Design an Price1

2016 Tata Hexa Back

Price for Tata Hexa 2016

The price of the base 2016 Tata Hexa should be around $20,000.

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2016 Tata Hexa Release date

The manufacturer stated that the new Hexa will go on sale in 2016.

2016 Tata Hexa Design an Price4

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