2016 Renault Megane Price

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2016 Renault Megane is a compact vehicle and a direct answer from French manufacturer to the VW Golf. This model was presented on Frankfurt Auto show this year and like the previous models it will probably be the best selling vehicle of the whole Renault line up.

It is the first fourth generation model for this car and because of generation change it comes with variety of new features inside and outside the cabin, as well as under the hood. Renault Megane is not going to be sold in the united States, but it is still one of the most popular compact vehicles in Europe and it is also sold in lots of countries around the world.

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Exterior of Renault Megane

When it comes to exterior, there are more than a few changes that come with the new Renault Megane model. It comes with the newly designed headlights that have more sharp look and increase the sportiveness of the front end. In addition to this the whole front looks much more evocative than in previous model year.

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In the front there’s also a huge Renault emblem that is settled in the middle of the traditional radiator grile and there are also the new day-time running lights that stretch well into the bumper of the vehicle.

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When it comes to design it is more than obvious than an inspiration for Renault Megane exterior came from Talisman model, that is another model of this manufacturer made to compete with VW Passat. Comparing to the previous model Megan also come somewhat wider and lower, but its proportions didn’t change much for this model year.

Renault Megane 2016 Interior

When it comes to interior 2016 Renault Megane will definitely present some refined materials, at least in the higher trim levels. We are talking here about a four door hatchback model that can accommodate four adults an it traditionally comes with comfortable seating and easy to use controls.

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In higher trim levels we can expect a little bit more luxury that will include leather upholstery, better sound system and maybe even a two or three zone climate control.

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2016 Megane Performance

When it comes to performance, we still don’t know exactly which engine is Megan going to be equipped with, but we assume that it will come with some piece from the Renault-Nissan power basket. This means three and four cylinder gasoline engines, as well as some diesel burning options. There’s still no hybrid or electric options with this model and these engines will be able to achieve nice outputs that will go up to 200 horsepower with the GT version.

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With the news that instantly destroyed VW reputation in the eyes of European buyers, Renault models will have much easier job in toppling VW influence around the continent. 2016 Renault Megane is one of the models whose popularity is definitely going to rise, after big VW disclosure.

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2016 Renault Megane Price

When it comes to price we still don’t have an exact information for 2016 model year, but we think that the price of Megan is not going to change drastically, comparing to last year, which means that it will cost less than $20,000 for the base version, which is very appealing especially comparing to VW Golf, that is more expensive than this.

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