2016 Honda Prelude Price

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As you probably know, we don’t like to write about cars which production hasn’t been confirmed. However, one concept has become a hot potato lately and we just could neglect it. The whole internet is talking about one concept that should make huge differences once it is released. It is the brand-new futuristic 2016 Honda Prelude.

It should be released next time (most likely as a concept car) but there is still no official confirmation by Honda that this is actually going to happen.

2016 Honda Prelude Price5

If it hits the market, it will be the Honda’s car with the most innovative and futuristic design. We are accustomed to great designs when it comes to Japanese automakers, especially Toyota and Nissan, but with the new Prelude Honda is going to join them.

Even though many details are still kept off record we managed to find out several things that you might find interesting.

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Honda Prelude Engine

There are some speculations of the engine, but basically there are two possible options. The most likely option is the 2.0-liter VTEC with a turbocharger. This engine is not new and we had a chance to see its performance in some other vehicles manufactured by Honda.

It can produce 250 HP and exactly the same amount of torque. The 2.0l VTEC should be the standard engine of the  .

2016 Honda Prelude Price2

On the other hand, Honda is probably going to offer one more option. This Japanese car manufacturer usually offers few choices to their customers hence we believe that new Prelude is going to have at least one more engine unit. And of course that is a hybrid unit. The 3.5-liter six-cylinder is going to be accompanied with the electric motor.

Together they can deliver around 330 HP and 340 lb-ft of torque. However, please have in mind these details have not been officially confirmed by Honda hence don’t take this to the bank.

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Interior and Exterior of Honda Prelude 2016

As you can see in the pictures, new 2016 Honda Prelude should be one of the most attractive vehicles developed by this Japanese company. Exterior is way more elegant than before and it can stand side by side with manufacturers such as Audi or BMW.

Generally it will have a sporty look. The cabin will also be sportier than before with some new lines and touches, and it will be equipped with new technology, as well.

2016 Honda Prelude Price3

Basically we are going to have different car with completely new concept. It is going to bring new innovations and new design solutions. We bet you cannot stay indifferent when looking at the new Prelude. It is simply breathtaking.

However, have in mind that when it comes to new Prelude everything is not only about design, but it is also equipped with cutting-edge technology.

2016 Honda Prelude Price4

2016 Honda Prelude Release date and Price

We are not sure about the release date. We are not even sure if it is going to be released. That also means there are no speculations about the price.

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It is very hard to estimate the price since so little details are known but we ask you to hold your horses a little bit more and stay tuned with us.


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