2016 Ford Explorer Design and Price

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2016 Ford Explorer is available for purchase and potential customers would certainly choose it because of its great design and performances.The important thing which should be noted is the fact that the manufacturer has officially released 2016 Ford Explorer for sales in official dealerships.

2016 Ford Explorer Exterior

The elegance and power of this SUV is witnessed by its neat and smooth lines and details such as LED headlight and taillights. Furthermore, in order to additionally show how reliable and resistant 2016 Ford Explorer is, the manufacturer opted for the wheels of 20 inches. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also include a moonroof in its offer which would be very appreciated during family trips and journeys. The SUV itself would have four doors and a cargo door.

2016 Ford Explorer Design and Price12

2016 Ford Explorer Front

Interior of Ford Explorer 2016

Interior details of 2016 Ford Explorer are very elegant and modern, and comfortable above all. The comfort is guaranteed by the usage of top quality fabrics and materials for seats and upholstery, such as leather.

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In order to make this SUV as safe as possible, the manufacturer included a lot of safety options, e.g. he included park assist which would be of great help in urban areas.

There is also a drive assist system as well as pre-collision system. Inaddition to all this, the manufacturer also included a front camera with 180 degrees.

2016 Ford Explorer Design and Price6

2016 Ford Explorer Interior

Furthermore, this SUV is also designed to be very modern and thus attractive to younger generations, this is why the manufacturer would also offer optional touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity.

Furthermore, the manufacturer would enable SYNC technology which could be activated by driver’s voice. Moreover, the manufacturer would even offer climate control and audio tuning which could be conducted over voice control.

Ford Explorer Engine and Transmission

The primary aim of the manufacturer was to make 2016 Ford Explorer both very powerful and very reliable. This is why he offers three different engine options which are both powerful and reliable enough. First of all, the manufacturer would offer a 2.3 liter engine.

2016 Ford Explorer Design and Price13

2016 Ford Explorer Back

This EcoBoost engine would be able to produce 270 horsepower. Then, there is a 3.5 liter engine and this would be a Ti-VCT engine with the capacity of producing astonishing 3650 horsepower. In addition to this engine, the manufacturer would also offer a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine which would have direct injection and turbo charging.

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The common thing for all three engine options would be the automatic transmission which would have six speeds. Moreover, the manufacturer would offer these models in combination with either the front-wheel or four-wheel drive.

Price for 2016 Ford Explorer

Since this model has been released for sales in authorized dealerships, we have reliable information about the prices for 2016 Ford Explorer. So, it is known that the base price of this SUV is $30 700. However, there are additional four trims with various equipment packages and they are

The conclusion is simple, 2016 Ford Explorer has a perfect combination of great design, equipment package and engine performances. The combination of these factors and different prices would make this SUV affordable.

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