2016 Aston Martin Vulcan Release date and Price

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When it comes to fast, classy and elegant cars, one manufacturer always stand out – the British Aston Martin. If you have ever seen at least one James Bond, you have surely noticed that the hero drives one Aston Martin, however, this is not the reason for their popularity – they produce great looking and fast-going street legal cars, that look really elegant. The company has recently introduced a brand new model, a limited edition 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan – only 24 will be built.

2016 Aston Martin Vulcan Exterior

First thing you need to know about 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan is that is a track-oriented hypercar and the company is yet to announce any street legal versions. The car itself looks pretty amazing – the model that was at the unveil was in bright green color with black and orange details.

2016 Aston Martin Vulcan 5

The design of the car looks pretty futuristic, but there is something that makes the car look like it is based on traditional ideas. The front of the car looks really aggressive and “angry”, with headlights barely visible – it looks like the hood is covering them completely. On the back, the rear spoiler shows that this car means business and that it is meant to go fast.

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Interior of Aston Martin Vulcan

The interior of the 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan is as futuristic-looking as the exterior. Most notable detail about the interior is the use of carbon fiber throughout the whole cabin and the company intentionally left the carbon fiber visible and they have decided to use it in the design.

2016 Aston Martin Vulcan 7

However, there is no fancy dashboard here – this is a proper track-oriented car. The steering wheel appears to be taken from a fighter jet and in front of the driver is a digital display, used to show relevant information.

Aston Martin Vulcan Engine

Every Aston Martin comes with lots of power and the 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan is no different – the company has chosen the 7.0l V-12 engine that produces over 800 horsepower. This engine was developed with the help of Aston Martin racing. Aston Martin chosen the six speed sequential gearbox and Michelin tires. Racing calipers were created by Brembo, meaning that the car will be able to come to a stop, after accelerating.

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2016 Aston Martin Vulcan 2

2016 Aston Martin Vulcan Price

Since the 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan is track oriented, limited edition car it comes with special price – according to the manufacturer the price for the car is going to be $2.3 million.

Release date of 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan

The company didn’t announce the official release date, but it is expected that the car will be delivered to the first owner by the end of 2015.

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