2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob

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Toyota decided to promote new SpongeBob movie at last LA Auto Show with a concept vehicle more suitable for SEMA Auto Show. They went completely over the line with 2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob minivan which looks like it was designed by a five-year old, or at least five-year old with great sense for designing.

2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob Review

Car’s technical details don’t hide anything that we don’t know already. Special edition or not, Sienna is moved around via 3.5L V6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission which routes the power to either front or all wheels. Even though we don’t know which of the two drivetrain configs the car possesses, we do know that it develops 266 hp and 245 lb-ft of torque.

2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob


Now, to the exterior. Well, 2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob does depict the main movie protagonist, all right. It is painted yellow with blue above the beltline, but special elements are the ones that make it wacky.

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First of all, SpongeBob’s mouth (together with both teeth) is painted across the hood, while windshield becomes practically useless thanks to those large blue eyes. SpongeBob has everything: nose, arms, eyelashes and eyebrows, together with already mentioned parts, and all this at the front end.

2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob4

Mounted upon the roof is a large bubble-making device which is sure to make kids happy. Rear end is finished in similar manner and houses a large LCD TV inside the trunk, together with sand-like carpet with all kinds of clams speckled across it. Finally, blue wheels with yellow frame are probably the best-looking feature of the car, if you don’t like wacky, that is.


Interior isn’t any different. In fact, one might say that it is even more crazy. All six or seven seats play to their own drum and represent one of the movie protagonists or antagonists. Floor carpet is sand-like, and roof upholstery has been speckled with clouds on a light blue background.

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All harder surfaces are either blue or yellow, and steering wheel has been mounted there straight from Painty The Pirate’s ship. Even windows are covered with cloth and have a small aquarium on them.

2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob3

Otherwise, 2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob comes wit a touch screen display and all standard controls around it which makes us believe that all standard tech features are included in it as well.

Car has been promoting “Sponge Out of Water” movie for some time now, and since the film hit the theaters in February 6, 2015, it lost its purpose. What will happen to it, we don’t know. It might be sold at an auction later on, or it might be given as a present to one of the most prominent figures that made the movie possible.

2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob2

In any case, we’ll hardly see it on the roads any time soon, or ever, for that mater. But, who knows; maybe those excess details can be removed, and the car actually comes with spare steering wheel which is actually possible to control.

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In any case, 2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob is a promotional copy which did its job very good, we would guess. How wouldn’t it with all the details it has.

2015 Toyota Sienna SpongeBob1

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